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LockOut Services – What You Need to Know

Lockout Services Info You Should Know

It’s funny that so many people think they will never have the need for lockout services. The elderly and children end up victims of getting locked in or out of a room, house or car – and need rescuing.

Stroke victims cannot make it to the door at times and need a locksmith to let the family in to check on them.

And at times the authorities need a locksmith to perform lockout services. Nowadays when everyone is so lawsuit happy, the police and fire dept happen to be a little reluctant to knock doors down or break windows out unless they are absolutely sure there is a life at stake.

Some states vary on laws when it comes to checking for ID’s.  Personally I really don’t care who owns the property or car when I open them up for customers! I am not the authority’s and so many people get locked out of homes they are watching for friends or family or watching and feeding pets!

What? I’m supposed to say no? Get over yourself. I can’t count the amount of times people who got locked out of a rental car, or a car that a friend or family borrowed them! Or it’s a brand new car they bought. There is no way to prove they own the car or home in these situations and they need to get in. The law doesn’t normally take these situations into consideration.

Here it is folks! People normally get locked out simply because they not acquainted with the home or car. They are not familiar with the routine of locking them up. And in most cases there is no way to really prove they own the home or the car.

But what I do is I take a picture of their Legal ID on my smart phone and save it, before I open the doors. And I keep it in my phone for up to 90 days. Just in case something funny was going on.

Now if our local governments were at all intelligent. They would create a state database for locksmiths and tow truck drivers. Then we would be able to send a picture of a state ID and be able to enter the address or License plate of the property. That way the police would be able to search for possible infractions on said dates.

 But of course government can’t do anything smart with out creating huge regulations, without huge fees and licensing. Which only makes it more expensive than it really needs to be. And of course we would have to make the customer pay for it. But hey what do I know! I’m just a locksmith.

Lockout Service Pricing

Since I’m on the subject of pricing for lockout services pricing. For car lockout services typically range from $55 to $75 Normally. If there is a huge snow storm going on I have been known to charge a $100 to unlock a car for a customer. Bottom line is I don’t have to venture out in a storm and risk my life or my company truck for a regulated price. I rather sit at home! Then where would you be? Running around in deep snow burns up a lot of gasoline. Need I say more?

House lockout service or building lockout service requires the talent of being able to pick a lock open. This talent will traditionally cost you $85 to $115. And 98% of the time if your locksmith is talented enough they should be able to get the door open with no damage. Remember the snowstorm issue? That’s right We charge more or we just sit at home drinking our hot chocolate. Snow storms will cost you $100 – $150.

Scammers are Everywhere

Unfortunately scammers performing lockout services tend to be in every major city in the country. They are here in Minneapolis as well and performing services illegally.  They are here visiting or have a visa to go to school but end up performing lockout service with huge pricings with this scam. They are traditionally from Israel. And have a deep accent from their native country. People were starting to be able to identify them as scammers on the phone. So now they are using young ladies in a call center. Ladies from the United States so you won’t catch on to them.

So now the best way to catch them before you hire them is to ask the whole price. Or the total price in the end. A lot of the time they will just hang the phone up on you. And other times they advertise $19 Locksmith & Lockout service. I’ve seen $39 lockout service as well by the way. When they show up they say $19 or $39 on up! They will even say this on the phone as well.

If anyone tells you a price followed with ( ON UP ) run like hell or hang up the phone on them or call the police and tell the cops about their little scam. Here is what they have been known to charge for a car lockout service: $175 to $300.

And for Home or Business lockout services they have been known to charge $175 – $700 all by saying ( ON UP.)

In most cases they tell you your locks are High Security so they need to drill your locks out. Then hit you with extra charges by selling you locks on top of the lockout service. If Immigration was doing their jobs we wouldn’t have this issue! Even in States that have heavy regulated licensing these scammers are able to do business as usual. They hold onto 5-10 fake locksmith licenses. So buyer beware. If the price sounds really great you’re about to get ripped off! Badly.

The solution? Find a good Lockout service or locksmith way ahead of time and keep them in your phone under the name of Locksmith or Lockout service so you can find them when you need them.

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