Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Safety Guidelines

It’s the most booiest time, of the year! Halloween is approaching and with that comes the pumpkin carving, costume shopping, and let’s not forget the candy. It is projected that Americans will spend nearly $7 billion on Halloween this year between decorations, costumes, and candy. Here at American Best Locksmith, we want to make sure that you get your money’s worth by enjoying a safe and happy Halloween. We have crafted a little safety guideline full of tips to ensure your safety during your spooky festivities.

  • Teach your children street safety
    • Always look both ways before crossing the street, remember the “left, right, left, then go”
    • Only cross the street at corners or in crosswalks
    • Make eye contact with the driver of the vehicle to ensure he sees you before crossing
    • Try to stay on the sidewalk or near the curb

  • Costume safety
    • Try to avoid loose-fitting costumes as these can be a tripping hazard which could lead to serious injury
    • Masks and hats can obstruct a child’s view of their surroundings, instead try to use face paint to create an equally wowing costume
    • If using face pain be sure to test it on a small part or the skin to ensure it does not irritate your child

  • Ensure visibility
    • Equip children with glow sticks or flash lights with fresh batteries
    • Use reflective tape on children’s costumes to ensure drivers can easily see them (you can purchase the tape from Walmart for $5)
    • Bright colored costumes also make it easier for children to be seen

  • Strength in numbers
    • No child under the age of 12 should be out walking around without adult supervision
    • If you do allow your child out by themselves make sure they’re with a group of 5 or more peers (offenders are less likely to target children in groups)
    • Make a route for children to follow and set up meeting points in case someone gets separated or in case of an emergency
    • Never leave a group member behind

  • Stranger Danger
    • Advise children to never go inside of a stranger’s home alone
    • Check out this watchdog website to ensure that your children steer clear of the houses of any sexual predators in your area
    • Advise children to never, under any circumstances, enter a vehicle in return for candy (regardless of if they’re with a group or not)
    • Be sure to tell children that they should not eat any candy until after it has been properly inspected by an adult

  • Haunted houses
    • Trick-or-treaters should never enter a haunted house alone, they should always go through with a group
    • Do a headcount before and after the haunted house to make sure everyone made it out safely
    • Homeowners are advised to make sure pathways are adequately lit to prevent trips and falls as well as lock up any important belongings in a safe, which your local locksmith can assist you with installation as well as initial setup

  • Driving tips
    • The most popular time for children to be out trick-or-treating is between 5:30pm - 9:30pm, so try to to be extremely alert if traveling during this time
    • Look both ways when at an intersection, follow the “left, right, left, proceed” rule before crossing or turning
    • Check all mirrors and surroundings before backing out of a parking spot or driveway
    • Always give pedestrians the right away and wait a few seconds after the last child has crossed in front of your vehicle to be sure there are no stragglers

  • For homeowners
    • Ensure that your home is well lit and that walkways are clear of any tripping hazards (the
      lights also ward away any unwanted visitors while you and your family are out trick-or-treating)
    • Be sure that pets are safely secured to prevent biting, jumping, and escaping
    • Only distribute wrapped treats and candy, try to steer clear from homemade treats
    • Have one of our residential locksmiths come out to ensure that your home is safely secured, especially before the infamous Mischief Night

Halloween is an exciting time of the year filled with treats, tricks, and terrific terrors. It can be a great time for everyone so long as we can all work together to ensure that it is safe. When safety comes first there is room for all the fun in the world to follow. If you have any questions or concerns or if you need any more information on how to keep you and your family safe call us at (877) 340-3344 where we have technicians ready to assist you at the bat of an eye.  

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