Friday, March 17, 2017

This GTI hillclimb car bends the laws of physics

Anyone who has ever competed in a first generation Volkswagen GTI at any level (my first autocross was in one, way back in 1983), knows that the cars were great fun to toss around and had a penchant for cornering on three wheels. Sometimes, if you were really crazy, you could get them up on two. European hillclimb driver Daniel Wittwer is not like the rest of us.

In this video, shot by the folks at MPZRACEVIDEO on YouTube, Wittwer pushes the limits of his 2.0L 16V powered hatch to the absolute, laying down a master class in the manipulation of the laws of physics. He also proves that he is more than a little bit nuts, just tagging the armco barriers ever so slightly a couple of times.

from The Garage
from Tumblr

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