Friday, February 3, 2017

Red Bull Global Rallycross Announces 2017 Calendar

Red Bull GRC has announced the 2017 season with a few surprises. Washington D.C., held in the lot of RFK Stadium for the past three years, is no longer on the schedule. Atlantic City is back with a double-header for 2017, and several new cities added – Louisville, KY; Thompson, CT; Memphis, TN; and Indianapolis, IN. Most exciting for TGB readers is a double-header in Canada – city not yet announced. The championship final will once again take place in Los Angeles as a single event. The full schedule:

Round 1: Memphis, TN (April 29)

  • Round 2:Louisville, KY (May 21)
  • Round 3:Thompson, CT (June 3)*
  • Round 4:Thompson, CT (June 4)*
  • Round 5:Canada (June 17)*
  • Round 6:Canada (June 18)*
  • Round 7:Indianapolis, IN (July 9)
  • Round 8:Atlantic City, NJ (August 12)*
  • Round 9:Atlantic City, NJ (August 13)*
  • Round 10:Seattle, WA (September 9)*
  • Round 11:Seattle, WA (September 10)*
  • Round 12:Los Angeles, CA (October 14)

*Indicates doubleheader

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