Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ram conquers 2017 Canadian Truck King Challenge

Ok, so this isn’t really new news, as the winners of the 2017 Canadian Truck King Challenge were announced back in the Fall.

From the CTKC website:

In the Midsize category – the Honda Ridgeline with a collective score of 75.5%

In the Half-Ton category – the Ram 1500, 5.7L Hemi, with a collective score of 79.4%

In the ¾-Ton category – the Ram 2500, 6.7L Cummins diesel, with a collective score of 77.0%

In the One-Ton category – the Chevy Silverado 3500, duallie, 6.6L Duramax diesel with a collective score of 75.1%

The overall winner of the 10th annual Canadian Truck King Challenge with the highest collective score of 79.4% is the 2017 Hemi-powered Ram 1500.

The challenge is unique in that a group of Canada’s most experienced truck journalists evaluate entries by actually putting them to work, doing truck stuff. Most other awards programs evaluate trucks the same as they do cars, without actually exploring their capabilities.

To showcase the activities, Canadian Truck King Challenge has released a short video to give a glimpse into the testing process.

Source: Canadian Truck King Challenge

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