Saturday, January 14, 2017

Driveteq announces 2017 event schedule at CTMP

As a motorsport journalist, one of the most common questions I am asked by newcomers is, “how can I get to drive on the track?”

Even fifteen years ago, the answer was not so easy. It was difficult to get a car that wasn’t a full blown race car onto a track. Today however, it seems as if there is a lapping day going on pretty much every day somewhere in Ontario. Even in the Winter, weather permitting. The challenge is finding one that offers an affordable price, driver training options and a laid back,yet safe and inviting environment.

Some track days are run like an old boys club, where newcomers are sort of welcome, but rules are loose and many of the cars are really fast. Experience levels vary. Other events are run by other newbies, who may not quite have a handle on the safety and instruction elements needed to run a track day.

Over the past couple of years however, our friends Gerry Low and Rick Morelli at Driveteq have grown their business from a handful of friends spending the day at the track to a full blown track day experience, with literally dozens of events every season. Driveteq’s days have an open and inviting vibe that comes as a result of the duo’s passion for the sport and its people. Their people include a roster of talented and experienced instructors and support staff who love to see their guests improve. This vibe means that experienced drivers with fast cars also join in the fun too.

Newcomers will receive instruction from some of the country’s top high performance driving personalities.

For 2017, Driveteq has listed thirteen events at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and Le Circuit Mont Tremblant. Once you become part of their circle though, you quickly learn that Driveteq seems to hold almost constant events throughout the year, as they snap up any date that becomes available, sometimes even within days.

Driveteq 2017 schedule

CTMP Driver Development Centre
1. Sunday, April 23
2. Friday June 16
3. Sunday, August 20

CTMP Grand Prix track
1. Tuesday, May 16
2. Tuesday, May 30
3. Friday, June 30
4. Monday, July 10
5. Wednesday, August 2
6. Monday, August 28
7. Monday, September 18
8. Thursday, October 5

Mont Tremblant
1. Wednesday, May 31
2. Thursday, June 1

To learn more, visit Driveteq online here

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