Saturday, January 21, 2017

Crerar moves up the ranks at Monte Carlo

Ontario driver Ian Crerar described the roads on the morning of day 3 at Monte Carlo as absolutely treacherous. By stage two, the ice began to soften and the drive became “less diabolical”. By the time stage three began, the team made the switch from worn out studded tires to tarmac slicks!

As I write this, Special Stage 13 has come to a finish and Crerar and Levesque have moved up to 48th place overall, a 21 spot improvement from their starting position!

Clearwater Design Racing supporter Derek Parry is at the rally and grabbed these shots of the Canadians in action on SS7, saying “This car produces a very pleasing exhaust note, and Pat and Ian put on an impressive display as they rocketed past. Spectators on the hillside were quite selective with their applause but they screamed and clapped loudly as the boys showed more aggression than most with their driving.”

There is drama at the top of the leaderboard, as the Hyundai of Thierry Neuville has dropped back to 15th position on SS13. Ford driver Sebastian Ogier is on maximum attack, reportedly taking big risks which have paid off, putting him ahead of Neuville on SS12. Ogier retained his lead on SS13.

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