Wednesday, November 2, 2016

AJAC hosts inaugural Executive Forum at Testfest


Historically, the event known at Testfest, where vehicles are evaluated for the Canadian Car of the Year awards is an uninterrupted week of vehicle evaluations. The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada switched things up a bit this year with the introduction of a panel of automotive executives.

Assembled by David Taylor and David Miller, the forum brought together five of the country’s brightest automotive minds to discuss their views of the future of the automobile. Moderated by veteran journalist Mark Richardson, the panel included David Patterson, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at General Motors of Canada, Wolfgang Hoffmann, President of Jaguar Land Rover Canada, Francois Lefevre, Nissan Canada’s Chief of marketing for Leaf, Don Romano, President CEO of Hyundai Canada and Ted Lancaster, Vice President COO of Kia Canada.


There were lots of decent quotes to pull from, but the reality is that the entire discussion was legitimately interesting. Even if you don’t have interest in the business side of things, but have a passion for cars, the entire hour of the panel is worth watching.

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Image credit: Ivan Novotny & John Walker for AJAC
Video credit: James Davidson & Sam Fellows for AJAC

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