Thursday, August 18, 2016

Camaro is UK Bound! But There’s a Catch…


The new 2016 Chevy Camaro is being lauded as possibly the best ever, and come this September our neighbors across the Atlantic in the UK, according to a post from But Chevy’s expectations for the Camaro are low. I mean, really, really low. Making this trip across the pond will be either the 2.0L turbocharged four and the mighty 6.2L V-8-the V-6 Camaro will not be available. Anticipated sales? Chevy is exporting a total of 18-yes, 18 Camaros. Total. Of that, 15 will be hardtops, leaving only 3 convertibles to fight over. And all 18 are headed to one dealer only, Ian Allan Motors in Surrey.

Why such a ridiculously low number? For one, the Ford Mustang is already sold there, and it holds two major advantages over the Camaro. For one, the Mustang is priced cheaper, but far more importantly, UK Mustangs are right hand drive. No surprise Chevy is not going to the trouble to build a right hand drive Camaro, so that is a major disadvantage. Second, the Camaro is a big car with gun-slit windows, so the narrow roads of the UK were the furthest from any designer’s mind. Then consider the fact you’re sitting on the wrong side the car and driving your Camaro through town could be downright harrowing. As for roundabouts, I’d advise the UK Camaro owner to drop a gear, bury the throttle and power slide your way ’round whilst either praying or laughing hysterically.

Still, 18 cars total seems timid. Just as there are plenty of British car clubs in North America, so to does the UK have American car clubs. No word if all 18 are already spoken for, if there is further demand if Chevy will send more over. But whatever the case, you will be in very rare company.

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