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Best Shelter Wireless Lockdown: The Lock That Promises Tomorrow

American Best Locksmith Installs New Technology

American Best Locksmith provides and installs an important new type of lock manufactured by Stanley Security. The BEST® SHELTER™ responsive wireless lockdown system furnishes a way to secure public facilities during an active shooter crisis. This technology holds the promise of saving many lives during emergencies.  

Tragic News Headlines

    Sadly, people around the world have read tragic news stories about situations in which many people died as a result of violence. During many of these incidents, lockdowns either did not occur, or they did not happen sufficiently rapidly to prevent needless deaths.   Just consider a few of these unfortunate episodes occurring in the United States recently:    
  • The horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took the lives of 26 innocent people;
  • An unexpected attack by a mental health worker upon soldiers at Fort Hood leaving 13 people dead and some 30 more wounded;
  • An incident at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado in which a lone shooter killed 12 individuals and wounded 50 others;
  • A mass murder involving a gunman who opened fire on customers at an Orlando nightclub, wounding 53 and killing 49;
  • A deadly incident at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California when an armed couple murdered 14 people and inflicted serious harm on 22 others.
Society must begin taking decisive action to prevent these types of senseless acts of violence! By installing new, secure responsive wireless lockdown technology, we hope to implement active shooter safety measures inside buildings. The new system will help promote better public and commercial security at a local level.

Protecting Public Facilities More Effectively

How can people charged with protecting the public help counter violent situations in public facilities? One useful step involves initiating a rapid facility lockdown to prevent armed individuals from wandering freely through the premises and potentially acquiring more victims.   A second important measure also helps save lives: rapidly summoning police and emergency first responders to the scene. The new BEST® SHELTER™ responsive wireless technology performs both functions seamlessly at the touch of a multi-purpose fob.

A Detailed Description of This Locking Mechanism

The BEST® SHELTER™ responsive wireless lockdown system essentially employs a “smart” lock. Many people have discussed the utility society will derive from the advent of the Internet of Things. The new locks utilized in the BEST® SHELTER™ system represent the vanguard of this change. The locks themselves display features that help to enhance public and commercial security.   The President of Stanley Mechanical Security has observed that the BEST® SHELTER™ system strives to provide “options for responsive lockdown and security devices” intended to promote safety. This highly cost-effective product uses a remarkably sophisticated wireless lock.   In the past, locks simply secured doors, windows, file cabinets or other unintelligent items. The wireless locks used in the BEST® SHELTER™ system by contrast possess the ability to communicate important information. They will indicate the status of an ongoing lockdown. They also communicate with door levers in the building and with software in the cloud.   When you ask American Best Locksmith to install these cutting-edge smart locks in your building, you have made a wise decision to create an environment favorable to police and first responders during an incident. All of us hope that unforeseen active shooter safety threats never jeopardize lives in the future. Yet many tragic incidents during the recent past indicate that people responsible for administering facilities serving the public need to prepare in advance to respond to worst-case scenarios.   You’ve heard the old adage:“forewarned is forearmed”. Take steps now to prepare your building with smart locks that will better protect the public if an active shooter safety issue arises.

Some Flexible Features    

This powerful wireless technology contains several features offering flexibility in safeguarding a facility from armed attackers. Some of the measures that might prove most useful include:   American Best Locksmith will work closely with individual facility administrators and team members during the process of installing this innovative new technology. We want to ensure that your organization fully understands the capabilities of this powerful new responsive wireless lockdown system.

  • The multipurpose fob will secure a single corridor or an entire building, providing flexibility in responding to the needs of innocent bystanders to escape from the premises;
  • The system coordinates the action of locks and doorway levers, preventing unauthorized access from the outside during a lockdown;
  • Visual indicators reveal when each lock enters or leaves lockdown mode, to alert responding officers to the status of a room quickly at a glance, without requiring verbal communication that might disclose the officer’s position to an intruder;
  • Administrators can program the system to automatically summon police and emergency medical responders to the scene at the touch of a fob;
  • The wireless system will furnish location information about specific locks under lockdown;
  • Administrators gain access to software (based in a cloud system) enabling them to configure the technology easily from a computer screen, even if these individuals lack computer training;
  • An option exists to include audible alarms as well as visual alarms when a lockdown occurs.
Additionally, we’ll help troubleshoot any problems or concerns that arise regarding the installation and deployment process. Put our expertise as locksmiths to work for you in installing and maintaining locks that promote safer public facilities and streamlined commercial security!

Widespread Utility

What types of buildings might benefit the most from embracing this flexible yet sophisticated system? Fortunately, both installation and maintenance prove surprisingly cost-effective. We anticipate that a large number of public institutions and private businesses will want to use the BEST® SHELTER™ technology soon.   For example, the new system will potentially help save lives and prevent injuries in a wide array of settings. Some possible sites that may benefit from this technology include:    
  • Public And Private Nursery Schools, Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools and High Schools;
  • Vocational Schools, Colleges and Universities;
  • Police Departments;
  • Libraries;
  • Shopping Malls;
  • Office Complexes;
  • Government Agencies and Nonprofits;
  • Hotels;
  • Military Facilities;
  • Hospitals and Medical Clinics;
  • Courthouses;
  • Airports, Train Stations, Subway Stations and Bus Depots;
  • Community Centers, and More!
    The BEST® SHELTER™ responsive wireless technology will enhance public safety virtually anywhere that a lockdown might conceivably occur. While most modern prison and jails (and some other high-security facilities) already maintain Control Rooms to furnish 24/7 active security monitoring, any public building lacking that level of protection might benefit from the BEST® SHELTER™ system.

Promoting Commercial Security

In most cases, fortunately, the installation of the BEST® SHELTER™ technology represents a purely precautionary measure. Every day, households and businesses around the United States invest in locks and alarm systems. Rarely indeed do break-ins or other emergencies take place requiring occupants to summoning police or fire assistance on a moment’s notice. Yet when the need arises to obtain help quickly, the presence of extra security sometimes proves lifesaving.   Someone responsible for safeguarding the public in a building carries a heavy burden. While another active shooter incident will hopefully never occur, a sufficient number of tragedies in the recent past have taken place around the nation to demonstrate the need for implementing precautionary measures at a grassroots level.

A Brighter Future

American Best Locksmith welcomes the development of the innovative BEST® SHELTER™ responsive wireless lockdown system as a way to help reduce or prevent the loss of life caused by active shooter episodes. We especially appreciate the reasonable costs associated with purchasing and deploying this technology. Just as RFD scanners and security cameras have become standard in most retail establishments today as a way of preventing thefts, the new smart locks will likely enhance the day to day security of many public venues in the near future.

By embracing the potential of the Internet of Things to enhance the intelligence of locks and door levers, this remarkable wireless technology will greatly assist law enforcement agencies, first responders and facility administrators in enhancing the safety and well being of people in public buildings. The flexibility of the BEST® SHELTER™ system enables individual administrators to tailor options and features to meet the unique requirements of individual locations and populations.

Used in conjunction with an access control system, for instance, this technology may provide an exceptionally powerful tool for preventing unauthorized entry onto secure premises. Even without sophisticated commercial security, the use of smart locks will help prevent casualties during disruptive situations causing lockdowns and security responses. The cost-effectiveness of this technology promises to benefit a multitude of people in the very near future.   We urge facility administrators and board members to implement the BEST® SHELTER™ responsive wireless lockdown system widely. Plan now to adopt effective active shooter safety precautionary measures.     

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