Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is MagnetPAL, the Most Powerful Magnet Ever Made?

Neodymium magnets are made from rare earth materials and are extraordinarily powerful.  The most powerful permanent magnets ever made.  Rare earth magnets are extremely brittle.  They can chip, crack and shatter.  As a result of their brittle nature they are limited in their application to everyday life.  MagnetPAL goes a long way to solving this problem. 

By injection molding strong rust proof ABS plastic around a specific type of rare earth magnet we are able to provide strength and protection to allow MagnetPAL useful for everyday applications.  MagnetPAL is about the size of the end of my thumb. So it is useful for applications such as hide a key, key organizer, stud finder, nut, screw, nail and bit holder.  It’s a dream tool for carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, handyman locksmiths and anyone using tools.

The power of Neodymium magnets has never been this useful.  MagnetPAL has been measured to hold up to 14lbs in laboratory conditions.  
People are finding hundreds of uses for MagnetPAL.  

Some of the main uses are:

Hide a key - An extra key is always recommended.  But where do you put it, will it be there when you get back?

Many available hide a keys have weak magnets that can not hold in hostile environments over the long term.  Additionally they can not hold much weight.  MagnetPAL is the strongest magnet ever made.  Very small almost the size of a quarter.  Powerful enough to hold a 10lbs pipe wrench.  Once you place it stays where intended!

Reach under you car and the MagnetPAL will almost leap out of your hand when it finds the nearest metal under your car.  Drive all you want and it will not fall off.  Hide a key on any metal discretely around your house.   

Key Organizer:  Too many keys in your workshop, use color coded MagnetPALs to organize your keys.  Always have that that rarely used key available in the same place. 

Never lose your keys – Imaging being able to attached your keys to the light switch by your door.  Simple and easy.   Attached a MagnetPAL to the inside of your purse and one to your key ring.  Like a homing pigeon the two MagnetPAL’s will find each other.  

Stud Finder – Have you even had a hard time finding the studs in your wall.  Is you electronic stud finder inaccurate? Does it provide false readings and miss the actual stud?  Are your old plaster walls too thick or inconsistent to allow the stud finder to actually identify the stud in your wall?

The MagnetPAL can solve this problem.  MagnetPAL is small, about the size of a quarter.  So small that many handyman hang them on their key chain.  It is so powerful that it can hold a 6lbs pipe wrench. 

Simply wave the MagnetPAL over your wall (about 1 inch from the surface) until you feel the wall pull it out of your hand.  Once it pulls, it will almost ‘magically’ guide the MagnetPAL to the stud.  Once it pulls let the MagnetPAL stick to the wall.  The MagnetPAL has found a nail in the stud.  Next, simply slide the MagnetPAL vertically and it will find the next nail in that stud.  Mark it, you have found your stud.  Slide the MagnetPAL to the right or left to find the next stud.  You will be amazed.

No false readings, no batteries required, never wears out and never wrong!  The greatest stud finder ever made.

Written By:
C. McManis
MagnetPALpatent owner

from American Best Locksmith Blog http://americanbestlocksmith.blogspot.com/2016/06/is-magnetpal-most-powerful-magnet-ever.html
from Tumblr http://peternpalmer.tumblr.com/post/145918676496

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