Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Summer Vacation Security Tips

Yipee! It’s time for some fun in the sun. Now that schools out and the weather is warm, Minnesotans are flocking to lake cabins, vacation trips and other outdoor venues.

Unfortunately, it is also a great time for thieves and other low lifes.

As such it is also a good time to revisit the basics of vacation security.

  1. Pause your mail delivery, to avoid accumulations that alert burglars that you may be away and vulnerable.
  2. But away any ladders or other items that may prove useful to intruders seeking unlawful access to your house.
  3. Install a timer for your lights to turn them on and off simulating active household activity. A dark house tends to be an empty house.
  4. While you may want to share the good news with friends and relatives about your upcoming trip on Facebook or other social media, you comments may well be seen by some you do not want to know. Be sure to share the good news in person or on the phone, not social media.
  5. And finally, the simple act of making sure windows are closed and locked as well as doors is a simple but too often overlooked necessity.

As a professional locksmith I have often been called to a home or office, “after the fact.” I have seen how devastated people can be due to an unlawful intrusion and it breaks my heart.

I always encourage people to be sure they have good locks and superior hardware on their doors. Sometimes people listen, sometimes they don’t but eventually swish they had.

For peace of mind, I invite you to contact me to arrange for a security inspection of your home. In the meanwhile, I hope these simple but essential tips for vacation security help you have an enjoyable vacation.

Call us at 612-822-3773 for all your residential locksmith needs.

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