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We get asked a lot of questions about car keys, these are some of the most frequent.

1. Do Car Keys Have Chips In Them?
The majority of keys to cars built after 1995 contain transponder chips. A transponder chip disarms a vehicle immobiliser when the car key is used to start the engine.
The Key Guys Can Fix, Replace and/or program these chips as needed.
Call us at 612-333-7677

2. Car Keys Stolen What Should I Do?
In the Minneapolis – St Paul Metro area you should call The Key Guys 612-333-7677.
They will come to you and make a new set of keys.
If you fear someone will use your old keys to steal your car, they can make set the program so the old keys no longer work.

3. Do Car Keys Need Batteries?
The Key Guys replace car key batteries

This can save you money by replacing your batteries – without destroying your key in the process.

There are many different batteries used in key fobs and keys.

We have the right one for you and know how to insert it without damaging your remote – which could cost up to $180 or more to replace.

4. How Can I Get A New Set Of Car Keys?
The Key Guys will cut you a new set of car keys, whether you need replacement car keys or duplicate car keys or should you lose car keys.
We serve the entire Minneapolis St Paul Metro area.
Call us today at 612-333-7677

5. How Much Does It Cost To Replace Car Keys?
The Key Guys can replace car keys for less than you would normally be charged by the dealer.
Better yet, we can come to you, saving you a trip.
The actual cost of car keys will depend upon the type of car key you have, and whether or not we will need to program it.

6. How to Program Car Keys
The Keys Guys Can Program Car keys, whether you buy the key from us or online.
We can also change the program for your lost car key, or if you have it stolen or should a copy be in the hands of someone you do not want driving your car.

7. My Car Key Won’t Turn
Lost Car Keys – Stuck Car Keys?
If you car key gets stuck in the ignition or the door, call the Key Guys.
We can pull the key and if needed fix car keys or the ignition if that is where the problem is.

Call 612-333-7677 for 24 hour service

Link to this video: 612-333-7677 Need a New Set of Car Keys? We Come to You 24/7 Minneapolis St Paul Metro

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