Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Key Guys Services Minneapolis St Paul We just updated our services statement on our Google Plus...

The Key Guys Services Minneapolis St Paul

We just updated our services statement on our Google Plus Business Page


The Key Guys can cut new car keys for virtually any car or truck. We can cut new keys and program flip keys, chip keys, High security keys as well as standard keys.
And the good news is we can do it wherever you are in the Minneapolis St Paul Metro area.  No need to get towed to a dealer or service station, we will come to you.
Be sure to contact us if you want a spare car key. Many car dealers only provide a single key today – a recipe for trouble. The best way to be sure to never to lock your keys in the car is to have a spare car key in your wallet or purse.

If your remotes is broken or lost or if you want a new one setup for you, let us know. We will program one for you. We use genuine factory remotes and program them for you.

Does your key stick or catch in the ignition when you turn it, or perhaps it won’t turn at all? Don’t worry, we can help. The problem may be with your key – or- with your ignition cylinder. Our well stocked vans can usually swap out a new cylinder or rebuild it so you won’t need a new key.
On the other hand, if someone has keys to your car and you wish they didn’t - we can help there as well.
We can change the ignition cylinder so the old keys won’t work. If you have a transponder system this is even easier. All we need to do is reprogram your system so only your authorized keys work.

Broken Keys are easier to fix when a piece isn’t stuck in a door or the ignition. But don’t worry, even if they are, we can extract the broken piece and make you a new key. Beyond cutting new keys, we can help fix cracked or broken remote heads, without necessarily requiring you to buy a whole new key.

If you have an older car, you may well also have a worn key where the “teeth” no longer engage the cylinder as they should. We can identify the original factory codes to cut a new key that will be exactly the same as when the car and key were new.

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