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Escort Max 360 Laser & Radar Detector Review

There are many options for a laser/radar detector. Some are very basic and inexpensive, while others are loaded with features and priced accordingly. We took a look at some of the initial features of the Escort Max 360 but now, expand into a full review. The data on the Escort Max 360 looked good and we were impressed by some of the promised capabilities of the product.

The main competitor for the Escort Max 360 is the Valentine One laser/radar detector. To see how these two devices perform, I borrowed my friend’s Valentine One to test its features.

Valentine One Top Features

The Escort Max 360 and Valentine One offer similar features but here are some that distinguish Valentine One from its competitors.

  • Die-cast Magnesium case construction
  • Two antennas, one facing front, the other facing backwards.
  • Red arrows indicate ahead, beside, and behind.
  • Illuminated digital display indicates the signal strength of the radar/laser.
  • The windshield mount can be adjusted by 1 finger and has 15 adjustable positions.
  • The windshield mount releases by 1 finger by pressing the release bar.

When you purchase a Valentine One, you get the windshield mount, visor mount, lighter adapter, coiled and straight power cord, spare suction cups, direct wire power adapter, wiring harness connector, owner’s manual, and spare fuse.

Escort Max 360 vs Valentine One


When purchased directly from the factory, the Valentine One and its accessories costs $399.00 as of this writing. When compared to the Escort Max 360, the Valentine One is far more inexpensive, but the Valentine One lacks a few features and connectivity options. The overall design is a bit dated too.

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Escort Max 360 Additional Features

The Escort Max 360 can be yours from factory for $649.95, but the Valentine One retails for $399.00, as of this writing. However, don’t let the price be the only deciding factor while choosing between these two.

The Valentine One and Escort Max 360 essentially do the same job and both of these devices do the job very well. However, when it comes to simplicity, features, and connectivity, the Escort Max 360 easily jumps into the lead. Unlike Valentine One, Escort Max 360 is web ready and easy to use. The owner of Max 360 has access to Escort’s award-winning Escort Live app and Escort DEFENDER database on their Android and/or Apple devices, which can be paired via Bluetooth connectivity.

These features interested me so I tried them out, firsthand.


Escort Live

Escort LiveWhen the smartphone and the Max 360 are paired via Bluetooth, the driver can access the Escort Live app to  receive real-time information on all the active radar/laser detection hot spots. On their smartphone, the driver can also monitor their vehicle’s location on a map, view the digital speedometer, check their traveling direction on a built-in compass, and can be alerted to various signal bands around the vehicle. Additionally, via the smartphone, the driver can choose between three OLED display colors (green, blue, and amber), set their over speed limit warning, and can adjust the brightness of the display screen (bright, medium, full dark, auto).

Escort DEFENDER Database

After registering the Max 360 on Escort’s website, the driver will have access to Escort’s comprehensive DEFENDER database. The database warns the driver of all verified speed traps, speed cameras, and red light cameras.

Web Ready & Bluetooth Connectivity

With a USB A/ Mini B cable (not included in the package), the owner of Escort Max 360 can update the device’s software to the latest version. Max 360’s red light and speed camera DEFENDER Database can be easily updated using the company’s exclusive detector software tools found on the main website. The firmware, also known as the operating software, can also be updated using the same tools.

When Bluetooth is enabled, the over speed display (which can be adjusted in preferences) on the left side of the info screen, is replaced either with the Bluetooth icon or the current speed limit sign when it is connected to Escort Live.



After testing both the Escort Max 360 and Valentine One, I was really impressed with the Max 360. When compared to Valentine One, the Max 360 was much easier to use, setup, and understand. The display on the Max 360 was a lot clearer and easier to read.

However, the one thing Escort Max 360 had in abundance when compared to Valentine One was aforementioned features. These things provided me with a lot of additional value, above and beyond a more traditional laser/radar detector.


So, which device is better? Well, that depends on what you are looking for in a laser/radar detector. For me, the Escort Max 360 was the winner because of its simple, modern design, the button layout, the integrated features, the connectivity capabilities, and multi-colored display. Should price be the main factor when it comes to radar detector shopping, then Valentine One is the obvious choice.

However, if you want a device that is stylish and offers a lot of useful features, then without a doubt, the Escort 360 is the one for you.

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