Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross Schedule

Super Cars

Super Cars

Red Bull Global Rallycross has been busy getting busy lately. On Monday January 25th, they announced a multi-year contract with BF Goodrich Tires to be their official supplier. This is a change from Japanese supplier Yokohama who they had partnered with previously.

On Tuesday, the 2016 Championship schedule was issued – with some surprise new cities as well as welcome repeat locations. GRC will return to Daytona, a military base for a pre-Independence Day double header, Washington DC, and a double-header in Los Angeles for the final stop. New to the calendar are Phoenix and Dallas, with one wildcard date TBA – and Seattle is back on the calendar after being skipped in 2015. Missing after 2015 is Tampa, Detroit, Barbados, and strangely – Las Vegas for the championship.

The Full 2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross Schedule:

Round | Date | Location

1: May 21 – Phoenix, AZ (I)

2: May 22 – Phoenix, AZ (II)

3: June 4 – Dallas, TX

4: June 18 – Daytona Beach, FL (I)

5: June 19 – Daytona Beach, FL (II)

6: July 2 – The Base (I)

7: July 3 – The Base (II)

8: July 30 -Washington, DC

9: August 28 – TBA

10: September 17 – Seattle, WA

11: October 8 – Los Angeles, CA

12: October 9 – Los Angeles, CA

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