Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rebelle Rally Registration Begins Today


Rebelle Rally registration opens December 15, 2015 at 9am PST. The inaugural year of the all-women rally announced on December 1 will be a seven-day event starting in Lake Tahoe, traversing 2,000 kilometers of dirt roads and desert between Nevada and California to a San Diego finish, followed by a black-tie gala at the Del Mar Race Track.

Stock vehicles are eligible for competition, and must be street legal and plated – though off-road tires and some other basic off-roading modifications are strongly encouraged. There will be two vehicle classes – 4×4 and Crossover. Equipment you won’t be allowed to have is your cell phone and GPS; this will be old-school with maps and a compass.

No previous rally experience is necessary; the competition is open to novice and professionals alike from around the world. If entering as a novice, you must complete a free online navigation course. The rally is not about speed, rather, a competition of navigational expertise. Regular and bonus check points will be placed along the way, with the actual course not being  released until the day of the rally start.

Cost is $5,000 per person before May 1, 2016, and $5,500 after May 1. Note that registration is limited to a total of 60 teams, and will close once that limit is reached. For more information about the rally and registration, check out their website: Rebelle RallyIMG_1889

All images courtesy of Rebelle Rally

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