Friday, December 11, 2015

Cheap Car Keys Can Be Expensive – Warning Alert

Warning Car Key’s Purchased Online Can Be Hazardous to Your Wallet!

With today’s modern but expensive car keys costing as much as they do, many people have been scouring the internet to find deals. Ultimately, many of these people end up costing themselves thousands of dollars instead of saving a few.

In the following video, long time Minneapolis Master Locksmith Edward Mann talks about how people are getting ripped off on the internet when they purchased Transponder keys, Smart Keys, Remotes, and car remotes.

This is a warning video. In a lot of cases these keys and remotes fry out your car’s computer. or won’t work at all.

And in some cases stop working after a short while. Some of these products are used! Old! and refurbished from junk yards.

In other cases these items are made up on a 3D laser printer out of paper and you would never know it. In the end you never really save money!

We still charge prices that keep us locksmiths in business. For the very same price you’d end up paying with programming and buying your product off the internet. You could have purchased it from a honest locksmith for the same price but instead you would get a warranty. And a car that still runs.

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