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What are switchblade keys and transponder keys?

Does the music of Mac the Knife come to mind when you hear the term “Switchblade” Keys? Do you wonder what people mean when they refer to Transponder keys?

The Car Key has evolved over the years. No longer just a metal blank with jagged teeth, the car key has grown up and taken on additional responsibilities with its age.

We found a post by a fellow locksmith that succinctly describes these two types of keys we thought we would share today.

You have probably heard of car keys referred to as switchblade keys and transponder keys recently, but weren’t 100% sure what they actually are.

switchblade car key

                 A Switchblade Car Key

A switchblade key is basically no different than any other car key around. The only difference is its appearance. The switchblade key is designed to fold away inside the fob when it is not being used. To release the key from the fob you simply push a button on the side of your fob that triggers the keys release. Switchblade keys have become very popular recently because of their smart compact look.

Transponder keys (also known as chip keys) are a little more complex; originally designed to combat car theft in the United Kingdom, transponder keys have a transponder chip embedded inside the key. This chip sends a coded signal to the car’s inbuilt computer when the ignition is started. If the code is incorrect then car will not start. This technology has helped bring the world’s auto theft percentage right down.

Because switchblade keys are only developed for new car models they are usually equipped with a programmed transponder chip.

If you have lost your transponder key or switchblade key and wish to get it replaced you will have to get the proper authorization required as these keys often come with a “do not copy” order printed on them.

The Key Guys are one of the few area locksmiths with the proper authorization to duplicate this type of key.  We have earned to confidence of the major car makers, and have the proper tools, certification and training to do the job correctly. We perform this task for many area car dealers and service stations as well as the general public.

Calling us first can save you money as we can come to you with one of our fully equipped mobile vans. That saves you the added towing cost, plus by dealing direct we can save you the dealer mark up.

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