Friday, November 6, 2015

Magnetic Cam-Lock: Commercial Lock of the Future

We here at American Best Locksmith know how important the security of your business is to you, and that is is vital to your success to ensure that all of your merchandise is secure and protected.    That’s why upon discovering the new magnetic cam-lock by Capitol Industries we were eager to share the news with you.  Locks can be made very securely, and there are many high security grade locks that boast being pick-proof as well as bump-proof, but they still have one security flaw: the keyway.  A keyway offers an opening for potential thieves to tamper with the lock, possibly gain access through the lock, or cause internal damage. In addition to that keyways are an opening that dirt and debris or other materials could potentially enter the lock and cause damage to the inner mechanism. This is where the new magnetic cam-lock comes in handy.
(Via Locksmith Ledger) Frontal view of face of the magnetic

Capitol’s magnetic cam-lock features a flat seamless exterior, that has no keyway. It looks a little odd, seeing a lock with just a small flat surface in the front, but this may just be a lock to change the lives of many business owners. These locks are generally used in display cases or drawers, so they are ideal for any businesses that have items on display for sale that they need to keep safe, that have merchandise behind their counters in drawers they want secured, or for the security of important business documents. The only question is how exactly does this lock work?

(Via Locksmith Ledger) Inside View of a magnetic
The magic is in the magnets of course.  The locking mechanism within the cam-lock is very similar to that of a combination safe lock. When the proper magnetic key is used the brass disks within the lock are magnetically rotated until the notches in the disks are properly aligned into the unlocked position and then the key can then be turned to operate the lock. This may worry you because anyone can obtain a magnet, but Capitol makes the lock secure by specifically positioning each magnet in an unique sequence that only matches up to the magnetic “key” that has the magnets within it in the same special pattern.
(Via Locksmith Ledger) Magnetic key
for the cam-lock.

These locks undergo rigorous security testing to ensure that they are up to par for their job at hand. They have been tested with water, freezing conditions, and also with a large earth magnet, and after each test the lock still functioned perfectly. This goes to show that even if a thief is equipped with the resources to try and freeze or magnetically manipulate the lock, it will still hold strong and keep your precious merchandise safe. Another security feature of this lock is that the keys cannot be duplicated on standard key duplicating equipment. A qualified commercial locksmith has to meticulously align each magnet to a specific pattern and code in order to make a copy of a key, and the card that came with the original key and lock has to be present in order for the service to be completed.

It is amazing to see all the strides technology is taking to make more secure locks available. Between bio-metric locks and keypad locks and now this magnetic lock, it seems like traditional keys and keyways will soon become obsolete. One thing that will never fade away will be the need for professionally trained locksmiths. We have commercial locksmith technicians here at American Best Locksmith that can provide as well as install a new magnetic cam-lock for you as well as make duplicate key all on site. If you’re interested in any of the services we offer, or have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call at (877) 340-3344. We have customer service representatives on call 24/7 eager to assist you.

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