Wednesday, November 18, 2015

KeySmart 2.0: Revolutionizing Your Key Ring

Nothing is more frustrating than fumbling with a heavy, cluttered key ring; it makes unlocking your door a two-hand job. Well, thanks to the KeySmart 2.0, it has never been easier to keep your keys sorted out and easily accessible. KeySmart has come out with the Swiss Army Knife of keyrings that keeps your keys organized and your life easy. The unique design keeps keys in place, facing inwards with the flat blade outwards. If you have a key fob for your vehicle there is the option of having one of the key spaces replaced with a loop to hook the fob onto. There are even attachments for the KeySmart such as a USB, bottle opener, lanyards, and more.

(Via KeySmart)

The KeySmart 2.0 eliminates that obnoxious jingle noise that accompanies carrying around a set of
keys and it also eliminates the tedious chore of flipping through every key on your ring trying to find the correct one for your door. KeySmart makes it easy to differentiate what key’s what by offering keys of varying colors that you can have cut and added to your KeySmart 2.0 to keep everything organized and color-coordinated.  

The only aspect of the KeySmart 2.0 that slightly worries us is the fact that you cannot hear your keys jingle. We worried that this may cause people to lose their keys more often due to the absence of sound. We also thought that having keys more compact will make it easier to lose or misplace them because it would be more difficult to notice them missing from your pocket or bag. Nonetheless, those minor setbacks are nothing compared to the benefits that accompany using KeySmart.

Keep in mind, if you do ever misplace your keys, whether they be on a regular keyring or a KeySmart 2.0, we here at American Best Locksmith have qualified technicians that can assist you with an emergency lockout service, a car key replacement, or a lock change accompanied by a fresh set of keys for the new lock provided. Give us a call anytime at (877)340-3344, our friendly customer service associates are eager to assist you.

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