Thursday, October 1, 2015

UPDATE: General Motors Ignition Recall Verdict

As we previously covered, GM is finally facing full repercussions for their failure to adhere to safety features and repair a deadly ignition-switch defect that is allegedly responsible for over 120 deaths, according to USA Today. Over 20 million vehicles were recalled by the manufacturer due to a faulty ignition switch that would sometimes switch to the off position while the vehicle was in use, causing the brakes, power steering, etc. to become disengaged.

GM is being charged with wire-fraud and for scheming to disclose a deadly safety defect from regulators. It is possible for them to dismiss those charges if they make some changes to their recall process, which makes sense being as it took them over ten years to fix the defect in the recalled vehicles. In addition to those pending charges, GM has also agreed to pay $900 million as part of an investigation into their failure to repair the lethal switches.

GM basically admitted to lying to their customers by marketing their vehicles as safe, even though they knew that they were not. They concealed the truth about their vehicles to keep sales up and to hide the truth from regulators and the public eye, and as a result they risked the lives of millions of people, and consequently ended some as well.

Many previous GM owners are outraged at the fact that GM is pretty much getting a slap on the wrist despite the fact they they knowingly released unsafe vehicles to the public. Those who were involved in or lost family members in accidents related to the ignition switch are extremely upset that justice really hasn’t been served, it was just another example of big businesses being able to buy their way out of trouble.

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