Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Irony Alert: Locksmith Couple Leaves Kids Locked in Hot Vehicle

Vehicular heat stroke is an issue we normally speak of here at American Best Locksmith during the hot months of the summer. We strive to raise as much awareness of vehicular heat stroke, especially for children, as possible. We even offer a free unlock service for children, elderly, and pets locked inside of a vehicle to ensure that everyone emerges safely out of a locked vehicle, no matter what the circumstances. That is why it comes as such a huge shock to us when we heard about a locksmith couple in Texas who was recently tried on counts of felony child endangerment for leaving their children alone in a hot vehicle outside of the Nordstrom at the Barton Creek Mall in Austin, TX, according to KVUE abc News

A pair of children, ages one and three were locked in the vehicle and told they were unable to leave. Surveillance had showed the children in the car for 57 minutes. Even though the windows were partially rolled down, it was still sweltering, and the outside temperature was 102 degrees.  The children were both sweaty and exhausted as they were brought into the mall that their parents were working at. Officials provided them with water and aided them in cooling down as the parents were located and questioned. The mother, 23-year-old Brandie Patschke, told officials that her and her boyfriend, 31-year-old Jeremy Garrett, were working on a lock and just lost track of time. 

With children’s lives at stake a parent cannot just recklessly lose track of time. As a matter of fact, they should not have left the children alone in the vehicle, period. This situation could have ended very gravely had authorities not shown up when they did. The parents tried to justify their actions by saying that before, they had left their car running with the air conditioner on while the children were in it. Much better, let’s just leave two young children alone inside of a 3,000 pound operable machine while it is running, that seems safe, right? Wrong. Children should not be left alone inside of a vehicle ever.

American Best Locksmith urges that drivers always check their backseats for their children, make a habit out of it. Leave a toy or an object in the front seat to serve as a reminder that you have little ones in the back. Even try placing your bag or something of importance in the back seat to ensure that you look back there before leaving your vehicle unattended. And please, do not intentionally leave a child alone in a vehicle, it is not worth it. If you ever do find yourself in the situation with a child locked in a vehicle, do not hesitate to call us immediately at (877) 340-3344, we have trained emergency locksmith technicians ready to help you get your child to safety immediately free of charge. And for any other commercial, residential, or automotive locksmith needs, American Best Locksmith is your go-to place.

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